Preschool Program

General Information

Each child enrolled in the Preschool program will be assigned a primary caregiver upon enrollment. Primary caregivers are essential to forming positive relationships between the children and teachers. The primary caregiver assigned to each child is responsible to plan activities for each of the children in the care group based on each child’s individual needs. There are six primary goals that guide our interactions with preschoolers:

To learn about themselves

Independence and self-concept

To learn about their feelings

Emotions and expressing feelings

To learn about others

Sharing, empathy

To learn about communicating

Verbal and non-verbal

To learn about moving and doing

Gross motor, fine motor, eye-hand coordination, & self-help

To acquire thinking skills

Cognitive development

Join the Brightwheel Program

Keeping our families involved is important to us. The utilization of Brightwheel always allows families to stay connected as our teachers capture special moments through photos and videos.