Introducing the Brightwheel Program!

Little Learners Academy is happy to announce we use the Brightwheel program to effectively communicate to parents about their child’s day.

Parents receive and manage detailed communication, including:

Convenient and Secure

Parents receive their daily notes via email, website or mobile app. The Brightwheel program is private and secure and the convenient mobile app is available for both Apple and Android. Daily notes and memories are stored securely on the Tadpoles website, so parents can go back month by month to look back on their child’s progress.

Strong communication between teachers and parents

Brightwheel makes daily communication convenient, even when you have little time to chat when picking up or dropping off your little one. Parents can see what their child is learning and receive notes from teachers, right to their phone. This convenience makes it easier for parents to be involved and engaged in their child’s day. Also, teachers can send emergency alerts via text message, so parents can feel secure that they will be notified immediately if any event.

Parent Concerns

Concerns raised by parents or guardians involving their child’s classroom experience should be resolved as quickly as possible. Parents/guardians are urged to discuss their concerns directly with the director when the concern surfaces. Please talk to the head teacher or call to set up a time to meet after school hours.

Newsletters and Website

A Monthly Newsletter is published at the beginning of each month and sent home to all preschool families.  A monthly preschool newsletter containing special dates to remember, classroom events and theme building activities will also be emailed to parents/guardians.

Every year you must sign a permission form in order to have your name and other information included or excluded from the directory. In addition to the monthly newsletter, a weekly email titled “Peek of the Week” is sent each Friday to keep families updated on classroom happenings.  Also, our daily whiteboard in each classroom will let each family know what was implemented in each classroom for the day.  Parent communication is essential and a critical component of staying involved with your child’s education.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Scheduled Parent/Teacher conferences are held three times per year, during the months of September, January and May.  The conferences are a time for parents to share assessment information and learn about the uniqueness of your child’s development within the preschool setting. During our time together, goals for your child and our program will be established.  If a conference cannot be held at these times, Little Learners Academy can also offer a home visit, phone-conference, or additional meeting times.  Our goal is to work collaboratively to ensure our “families” work together to make the early learning experience valuable to all.